the brain demands words be digitaly rambled so that is what will be done

all of these are headcanons of the characters/ world in harvest fishing


Monster life stages.

a majority of monsters go through physical transformations as they grow. these transformations allow the monster child to have a higher chance of surviving against predators or other dangers. at this stage, the monter child isn't able to hunt for food and will rely on a parent or caretaker.

their first form is one that has very little way of defending itself outside of bouncing around. this first stage, also sometimes referred to as the 'spirit' stage, is small and round. the most recognisable parts of this stage are the flame-like tuft on the monster child's head and the magic glow that is only visible in the dark. the monster child's body has almost no relation in appearance to its further stages due to the spirit stage taking on the colour of the monsters magic.

the spirit transforms into the 'sprout', losing its glow and magic colour for something more close in colour to it's later forms. the sprout is bigger than the spirit and loses the tuft in exchange for a small, leafy plant growing from the top of its head. this plant will photosynthesise for the monster child and provide them with extra energy. its at this stage that the monster child may begin to try and hunt for small prey, such as insects.