each zone with have its own enemies that you either kill or dodge to get through the level.

all enemies have the same amount of hp and attack for the same amount of hp, but will have changes to them such as different movement, height, health etc. so that things are simple to code but not completely boring. killing the same three enemies over and over doesn't make for a very interesting gaming experience.

on the topic of three enemies that you kill over and over again, here are some weird messed up frog-tadpole-fish things i drew in like 3 minutes then coloured in so i didnt destroy them. they can be the base design of the minor enemies and will show up in this above form in the first zone. do i know if frogs exist in the midnight zone? no. but i have bigger problems than that right now.

their main thing is they walk back and forth between two points and you can kill them. i dont have much else, really. theyre like the goombas from mario or the turtle goons from jazz jackrabbit 1. the little tadpole-looking one could be annoying and get in the way without causing damage, and the larger, more frog-like frog could take two hits to die instead of one.

for other zones, there could simply be a colour change so they match, or they have a change in their gimmick. submarine frog or something. give them lazer guns. or normal guns. i dont know what guns there are but pretend I do.

my genius knows no bounds.


the most important zone 1 enemy is obviously the boss enemy of the zone, the first follower of earth god.

i wanted the followers to have components of species that no longer exist in aloe's world, hence the cat-like tail and horn-like hood. the fin ears were to help tie the mammal features to the ocean biome the game takes place in. the "hair" was meant to be remeniscent of mermaid tails, but i couldnt get it to look quite right.

ill likely design all of the followers before i design the earth god, i want the followers to be unique and therefore dont want to limit myself on how their designs will look.