Welcome to ALOE, a game where you are a sea slug and need to stop god.

Humanity has wiped itself out, and now, thousands of years later, the ocean is full of evolved life.

Fish, Cephalopods and most importantly: Sea slugs!!! :D

You are Aloe, a Leaf sheep (thats a type of sea slug) who has lived a life of solitude and has visions of the stars

Unbeknownst to oceankind, the God of Earth is very upset at humanity's lack of a comeback (BECAUSE THEY'RE ALL DEAD) and now plans to destroy all new life and start the world anew so humans can do things right this time.

Obviously, this is very bad. because you are Aloe. Who is Oceankind.

As the only member of Oceankind that knows what is going to happen, you need to go touch grass. or air. I dont know.

Your journey to the surface takes place over many levels, with break points inbetween to save your game, purchase stronger weaponry and interract with the npcs living on the sea floor.

id like there to be a lot of emphasis on the world these characters live in and the remnants of humanity that are somehow still present. as Aloe reaches closer to the surface, the species' of the NPCs would change from thos living in the midnight zone to those living in the twilight and daylight zones.

In ALOE, you are the only known leaf sheep left. Leaf sheep used to be revered for their intelligence and abilities of predicting the future. However, due to the later impacts of the Human's global warming, the ozone layer became so thin that the light needed for the leaf sheep to photosynthesise was dangerous and began to harm them. They travelled deeper below the sea, but the change in pressure caused them to be crushed to death.

Over time, the Leaf Sheep evolved to somewhat withstand the depth needed to not burn, but a lack of sunlight meant very few lived on. their numbers slowly faded to nothing and they became memories.

In the present day that Aloe lives in, Leaf Sheep are seen as myths and don't actually exist. Obviously they do, because you play as one, but as far as any of the characters are concerned, Aloe is just a regular sea slug that just so happens to be green. Aloe knowing that THEY'RE a sea slug isnt even all that likely due to them living alone (Aloen lol) their entire life.