Fish : )

I like fish, and the only thing i like more than fish is games about fishing. its for this reason that my entire life has been influenced in some way by games about fishing. whether it be harvest fishing on my nintendo ds, or the stupid fucking fishing game on wii play that id always lose, or in minecraft when id sit for literal hours just catching fish because i was autistic and bored and had no friends.

fish have been everywhere. but they have especially been in: my brain.

the only problem with these thoughts about fish and thoughts about games about fish, is that i cannot combine the two into reality. i am not good at making games at all. i can draw, i can badly code, but the two do not mix. i wish that for this, i could think less visually. it gets too complicated to think i can actually make it and then it never happens.

i dont think ill ever be able to make a game about fishing.

i can draw, though.