the worlds/levels of ALOE.

the entirety of ALOE takes place in one ocean, instead of moving from planet to planet there is instead a gradual rise from the bottom of the ocean to the surface as you travel through levels.

(pretend there is a map here i cannot for the life of me figure out how to make this thing look good its not even funny)

this will be a general explanation of each zone, starting from the deepest part of the ocean to the final zone on the surface.


zone one

the first level is a tutorial somewhat, for both you and the character you play as. the main goal of the first level is to get used to the movement and learn how to attack/interract with entities in the world (signs, NPCs, monsters, etc). I want the game to be forgiving to new players while still being interesting. im treating it like planet Diamondus from Jazz Jackrabbit; existing as a 'learn how to play' level but with more guidance instead of just throwing you into the game. theres no big gimmick to the first level, its there so you can have a wander around and make sure you know exactly what to do in order to play.

the second level is for learning more advanced moves and defeating monsters. switches and small puzzles would likely also be included.

the final zone would be a sort-of miniboss.

zone 1 overall is inspired by the midnight zone and all the atrocious creatures down there. obviously the horriffic appearances of any npcs or monsters wil be toned down, becasue if there was one thing my 12 year old self was scared of, it was the goblin shark. i think i had actual nightmares about goblin sharks.

the third level in zone one is a boss battle? it would be similar to fighting regular monsters in terms of action but with only one enemy, a boss health bar and dialogue before and after the fight

i want Earth god's followers to be sent to try and stop you. the hard part is figuring out what they would all look like, as at the point of typing this, i have not designed earth god.

the reason i havent is because if i design them now, then earth gods followers will be very restricted to one main style. im likely going to design the followers first and then Earth god themself